The World’s Greatest Martial Artist
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Type Manhua
Author Shenju anime
Artist Shenju anime
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The World’s Greatest Martial Artist

Synopsis The World’s Greatest Martial Artist

Only the most powerful person who has broken through the 99-story tower “Tianji Tower” can become The Supreme(Ascension) Martial Artist that people in the world truly recognize. The TianjiTower, which opens every five years, is about to open, and the people of the world are all about to be sent a secret letter from a mysterious man. Masters of different backgrounds are forced to awaken once more due to the disturbance caused by this so-called Arena, Sword Masters, Demons and even Ancient Gods return once more. As all kinds of masters resurfaced, rivers and oceans become bloodied. Regardless of the bloodshed and turmoil, even with the two factions of good and evil in the arena, there is only one purpose, to win the Xuanwu Order, and find the…

Chapter The World’s Greatest Martial Artist