Little Girl x Scoop x Evil Eye
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2020
Author Chouchouhasshi
Artist KAYATA Maru
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Little Girl x Scoop x Evil Eye

Little Girl, Shovel, and Evil Eye, Youjo to Sukoppu to Magan Ou, スコップ・スコッパー・スコッペスト with魔眼王, 幼女とスコップと魔眼王

Synopsis Little Girl x Scoop x Evil Eye

A high school student who ended his life with hatred and regret because he was involved in a certain incident, Sumihara Tsuguto.
The next place he woke up even when he should have died was in a strange cave.
People who do not have the scent of modern civilization.
A huge mountain range as if piercing the heavens.
When he meets a little girl of this world, understands that he couldn’t be on Earth, and realizes that his eyes have a dreadful power begins his journey.

This is a different world adventure story, woven with a poor boy, a little girl and a scoop.