Lazy Dungeon Master
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2018
Author ONIKAGE Supana
Artist Nanaroku (七六)
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Lazy Dungeon Master

I Absolutely Don't Want to Work as the Dungeon Master Until I Indulge in My Laziness Lazy Dungeon Master 絕對不想工作的地下城城主想睡懶覺 絶対に働きたくないダンジョンマスターが惰眠をむさぼるまで

Synopsis Lazy Dungeon Master

Masuda Keima, a lazy high-school boy who prefers to laze around and avoid working, gets summoned as a dungeon monster by a girl avatar named “Dungeon Core No. 695” who is the dungeon core of the mighty one-room dungeon “Ordinary Cave”.
Through a mishap she accidentally assigns him as her Dungeon Master, so first order of business is to get rid of those pesky bandit invaders that have set up camp near the heat-emitting dungeon core before they get the idea to smash it and kill them both.