I Got Reincarnated as a Chad
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2020
Author Mikan Jelly
Artist SHIMODA Masaya
Serialization Web Comic Gamma Plus (Takeshobo)
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I Got Reincarnated as a Chad

Ikemen ni Tensei Shita kedo Cheat wa Dekimasen Shita, イケメンに転生したけど、チートはできませんでした。

Synopsis I Got Reincarnated as a Chad

After Koganei was rejected by a girl he had confessed to, he angrily ran off and was hit by a car.

When he woke up, he found that he was reincarnated in another world as Theodore Goldberg, the eldest son of a marquis. And of course, as Koganei is no stranger to isekai series, he knows that he will have some sort of cheat skill to become overpowered and live a slow life.

And so he tries to open up his status screen… only to find that this world doesn’t have video game stats. He then tries to use his OP magic skills… only to find out he is too young to even learn magic. So then he tries swordsmanship… but turns out to be weak with the blade. And so he decides to just invent modern technology to get ahead… only to find out that this world has magical devices which are identical to modern technology.

Theodore is at an impasse. He’s not strong, he’s not smart, and he’s not handsome. So what exactly is his cheat skill? For what purpose was he reincarnated in the first place if he was just reborn as an ordinary boy?