Game obu Familia – Family Senki
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2018
Author YAMAGUCHI Mikoto
Artist D.P
Serialization Dragon Age (Fujimi Shobo)
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Game obu Familia – Family Senki

Game obu Familia: Kazoku Senki, Game of Familia -Kazoku Senki-, Game of Familia -家族战记-, Game of Familia -家族戰記-, Game of Familia –A Family's War Chronicles–, Game of Familia –Family War Chronicles–, Game of Familia: Family Senki, Game of Familia: Kazoku Senki, 게임 오브 패밀리어 -가족전기-, ゲーム オブ ファミリア  ―家族戦記―, 家族战纪

Synopsis Game obu Familia – Family Senki

The protagonist along with his step-mother and 2 step-aunts are summoned into another world where demi-humans are the rulers as saviors, but its not to fight against a demon lord, its to fight an Undead Apocalypse monsters called "Dead Mell" that have overrun the world and that can only be killed by using weapons made with holy silver.
For that, a familia is made (group of 4 people) with them being the swordmaster that uses the holy sword, the guardian that uses the power of earth to protect, the healer that use the power of water to heal and the black mage that uses the power of fire to des…

Warning, the series titled "Game obu Familia – Family Senki" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.