Age Of Terror
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 奇小怪 飞卢小说网, 黑白茶
Artist 奇小怪 飞卢小说网, 黑白茶
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Age Of Terror

Age of Terror, Global Weird Age, Quánqiú Guǐyì Shídài, Worldwide Strange Era, Quanqiu Guiyi Shidai

Synopsis Age Of Terror

Original WebcomicAfter a weird hundred years where ghost were appearing, only one-tenth of mankind remained and the number of ghosts exceeding the number of humans remaining! In order to survive, humans needed to choose a “companion ghost” from birth, and constantly cultivate their own companion ghost so that they can be used to fight against other ghosts. The world has entered a weird era of co-existence with ghosts! With the help of the system, the invincible ghost cultivated by Lin Feng causes the whole world to tremble.